Welcome to the inspiring journey of Yvette Jones – Swanson, M.A., a resilient Army Veteran whose unwavering spirit has triumphed over adversities to emerge as a beacon of wellness and health advocacy.

Yvette’s path to wellness has been marked by profound challenges, including a heart attack, COVID-19 pneumonia, a stroke, immobility, and obesity, compounded by a regimen of multiple medications prescribed by the VA. Undeterred by these formidable obstacles, Yvette made a courageous decision to embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being.

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Motivated by a strong dedication to her personal health and the welfare of her fellow veterans, Yvette delved into a quest for knowledge, resolute in her mission to discover innovative routes to healing and wellness. Under the guidance of Akanna, she undertook studies and attained certification in Wellness, adopting a holistic approach focused on reversing ailments and embracing dietary practices tailored to blood type diets.

Yvette’s unwavering dedication extends beyond the workshop walls. Recognizing the importance of sustained support and guidance, she has authored a groundbreaking book and curated journals designed to help individuals stay on track in their wellness journey. With empathy, wisdom, and a profound understanding of the human condition, Yvette inspires hope and ignites transformation in the lives of those she touches.

In the luminous tapestry of Yvette’s life, resilience, courage, and compassion intertwine to create a legacy of healing and empowerment. Through her tireless advocacy and unwavering commitment to holistic wellness, she continues to illuminate the path towards a brighter, healthier future for veterans and individuals alike.

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