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Waiswa Moses Elijah

Community Foundation and Care

Hello, This is WAISWA MOSES ELIJAH from FRIENDS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION AND CARE HOME in Wabulenga Village, Busoga region in Eastern Uganda, Africa. I’m much obliged to share this.

I can’t thank the Almighty God enough but I’m just always grateful for the blessing of life, ability, and the responsibility to head a big family of 50 beautiful children and those who are working together with me to positively impact lives.

In the middle of April, I connected with our dear loving mama Yvette Jones Swanson from the USA. I shared with her who I am, where I come from, and the mission, objectives, and visions of our Community Foundation in the names of “FRIENDS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION AND CARE HOME”.

Once she read all that I shared with her about us here and my life story inclusive, she felt touched and she definitely decided to use one of her God-given talents and experience of writing since she is an International Author of many inspirational and life-changing stories, she started working on the publishment of a noble book which with her support and efforts named “GROWING HOPE”, so that she creates awareness to the entire world about beautiful thriving children in Uganda.

This book contains my biological background, the backgrounds of some children at our home, my journey after the death of my mother at the early age of 10 years, my way towards coming up with a charity home, the living situations of people in our communities, the friends who are working together with me on the grow hope mission, a word from Caregiving friends, about the culture of our ancestry kingdom and pictures of 50 children way of life. Oh, what a noble book that you can’t miss to read.

The essence of this noble book is to create awareness among different people in the world about these communities and also raise support to get them uplifted and change the lives of these beautiful children and as well restore their lost hope.

Mama Yvette Jones Swanson is not only helping in the publishment of the noble book but also helping in the fundraising through a GoFundMe that she organized in order to help 50 orphaned and needful children get daily food, education supplies, tuition, medication, provide sanitary pads to girls, sandals, clothes, and blankets (Bedding materials). We thereby had to give her a name life changer and we said it in loud voices.

It has been a quite short time since I started my communication with her but a lot has changed in the lives of the children and me, because whenever I communicate with her I see my mother in her and the love she loves for a new family of 50 beautiful children is unconditional.
I see kindness, goodness to do good for others, the goodness of love and the will to help others, and the need for being the change that anyone wishes the world to be in her.

Here, we have a saying which says that, “It’s only Mountains that can’t Connect But People can despite their distances, language, and location”.
I feel our ancestors reigning in us.


Abdul-Aziz Seidu Jawula

Co-Author: Salaga and the Salaga Slave Trade, Tour Guide, Salaga


On a Sunny Vibrant Day of June, 2023, my way crossed path with that of this unwavering, Dedicated, Enthusiastic Cheerful Woman, called Yvette Jones-Swanson, who at the Local Naming Ceremony event at the Palace, was given the Gonja local name ‘Masagben’.

Curious to know what the name means, Queen Masagben walked up to me during Lunch and asked me the meaning of her Name again. I replied her with a smile, “CHEERFUL GIVER”! She was amazed as to how and why she was given such a coincidental name. As the name perfectly resonates with what she has dedicated her whole life into, this; Serving Humanity. This was where she asked me if I have read about her and known her before? I replied in the affirmative. It was there that she took me through some of her wonderful projects in Ghana, Assin Manso and Accra precisely.

I was amazed and at that point, I realized this is a Good sent Woman who could help me realize my dreams and unearth my hidden potentials as well. It has since been a great privilege for me to have worked with such a woman of valour and substance, Queen Yvette Jones-Swanson Masagben.

She has been very instrumental in urging me on to put the right information together so we author a Book on Salaga and the Salaga Slave Trade. The Journey hasn’t been easy, and at a point I felt the Queen was more younger than myself. This was because She never got tired when working. Yes, that’s Queen Yvette for you. She is called ‘Masagben’ in Salaga, but I also chose to call her ‘Mawuragben’ (to wit ‘Workaholic Woman’). She has offered me very Positive, Constructive, Dynamic, Creative and Effective Guidance and Leadership so far and I remain eternally grateful to her.

Indeed as Helen Keller the Blind and Deaf Person said “The greatest tragedy to befall a person is to have sight but lacks Vision”. Nothing excites and motivates people like a Vision to accomplish something special. That Vision was what Queen Yvette opened my eyes to.

The Book we both Co-Authored has contributed significantly to raise my image within the Tourism circles in Ghana, Salaga, Savannah Region especially. The Book has since made me to keep dreaming of more projects that Queen Yvette and I could further partner to work on. As Malcolm S. Forbes put it: “When You cease to Dream, you cease to Live”. I haven’t ceased dreaming since coming into contact with Queen Yvette Jones-Swanson Masagben (Cheerful Giver) /Mawuragben (Workaholic Woman).

Her Dedication to uplifting my aspirations and that of the underprivileged in society through Education, Community Development, Job Security and Welfare support towards me in particular, has been my testament of her transformative and generosity towards my family and I. Aside been my Mentor and Co-Author, she also became the big Sister I never had. She is very supportive, Caring, Understandable and Loving. She has been a Wellness Coach to me for some time now helping go through my Health Challenges. She Financially supported me also to enrol in school to further my education with the University for Development Studies (UDS), Tamale. Additionally, she also supported me financially to attend interviews when I was hunting for a Job.

I feel free to discuss all my personal challenges and probywith her and she has always found time despite her busy schedules to talk to me each time I needed her. Queen Yvette Jones-Swanson Masagben has now become an integral part of my family and I. And on daily basis my family asks me about her and her family as well. It has been a Blessing meeting Queen Yvette and it’s my prayer she finds time and resources for us to pursue our impending dream Projects of Establishing an Orphanage Center in Salaga and Providing the good people of Salaga in the Savannah Region of Ghana with Mechanized Boreholes to augment their struggles for Portable drinking water. I equally look forward to welcoming the Workaholic and Development Oriented Queen Yvette Jones-Swanson Masagben back to Ghana and Salaga for that matter.